What is SteamOS? SteamOS is a custom Debian install from Valve Labs designed to boot directly into the Steam Big Screen. Alternatively we/you can do a standard Linux installation with Steam as an application allowing you to use the computer for other tasks.

We have the knowledge to build around a variety of budgets and offer systems in a multitude of sizes to fit any room in the house. Prices typically range from $500 on up based upon configuration options. Integrated graphics is adequate for low end games and streaming over the network. If you want top performance we would build with a dedicated Nvidia GPU which provides the best SteamOS experience. This allows for smooth native gameplay.

SteamBox takes 3 to 5 days like any other custom PC for assembly and pickup.

Many independent games are already compatible with SteamOS such as those purchased through the Humble Bundle collections. Humble Bundle allows you to purchase a nice group of games AND donate to charities for any price you wish to pay. As long as the Linux (penguin) icon shows by the game it will work on SteamOS.