ComputerBase offers full service upgrades and repairs along with our custom builds. Data recovery**, virus and malware removal, updates, and more. We stock a large variety of necessary parts for any custom build and most upgrades including memory, hard drives, solid state drives, video cards, I/O cards for serial and parallel, assorted USB adapters, optical drives, motherboards, and processors just to name a few. Most desktop repairs can be turned around within two to three businesses days on average and often times less.

For laptops we stock memory, traditional hard drives and solid state drives that work with most systems. Additional parts like keyboards, screens, hinges, lids, inverters, and LCD/inverter cables are typically special order. All special order parts are subject to the shipping time of the seller of those parts. Occasionally parts may not be available from a US based seller/distributor. While we do everything in our power to get most special order parts within one week there may be cases where it can take several weeks to get something special.

For all in store repairs (hardware and software) we will need from you:

Desktop: just the computer as well as any offending piece of software. Please ensure you have a valid software license on the PC or bring the disc if you are unsure.

Laptop: Please bring the power cord along with anything noted above.

Special form factor computers (All-in-One, other mini PCs): if your PC does not use the standard three prong power cord and has any sort of power brick please bring it with you. If you are unsure bring whatever you feel you need!

As of January 2014 our flat rate for *most* repairs is $80 plus parts. We offer an additional $5 off for systems we built. Any other reduced rate is at the discretion of us on a case by case basis. Most viruses and malware will not fall into that category.

**Certain data recovery tasks cannot be done in house due to factors such as electrical or mechanical failure. In those instances we partner with known trusted data recovery companies and can provide information as needed.