XP and Vista End of Life

XP and Vista are both officially end of life. What does this mean to you? How important or critical is it to update or upgrade? What options do you have to upgrade and so on shall attempt to be answered here.

First and foremost, DON’T PANIC but start planning to replace if you need to be online with those operating systems. We have reached the end of support from the industry as a whole for XP and Vista.

To upgrade or replace: Generally speaking many computers greater than 5 years old would benefit from just being replaced. There are certain minimums recommended for a good experience with a newer Windows OS. We recommend at least a Core2Duo processor and at least 2GB RAM for a 32 bit install. However this will still mean slow performance. Ideally, any ‘i’ series processor (i3, i5, i7) and 4GB+ RAM for the best experience. IF your PC meets those requirements then the average cost to upgrade to Windows 10 Home would be $200 which includes backing up the existing data and installing the new OS. If any upgrade options exist they may be recommended for optimum performance. We are at a point where we can no longer offer Windows 7 except for Pro through downgrade rights on older hardware.

Other factors to consider if upgrading or replacing are to look at your existing software and hardware. All programs would need to be reinstalled so you would want to make sure you have all the appropriate installation media and licenses for your software and make sure it is supported on Windows 10. If you are unsure you can do a simple Google search (use caution opening links) or visit the manufacturers page. The same is true of any hardware. Older printers, webcams, scanners, or other specialty devices it is a good idea to check Windows  10 support and if replacing the PC make sure you can still plug those devices in or be willing to replace them.

If your PC does not meet the recommended suggestions above have a look at our systems on the site. Our Gold System will easily out perform any system not up to par with the suggestions above and last for many years.