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We pride ourselves on providing some of the fastest, most reliable custom built systems available for all needs from general desktop to high end video editing, gaming, Virtual Reality, CAD/CAM workstations, HTPC, and custom built servers. We offer several “Base” systems to get you started and build each system to order, often within 24 hours.

To the right you will find links to just a few of our systems. If you don’t see something that catches your eye or you just have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

ComputerBase also offers full repair and upgrade services. In addition to in-store services we have on-site services through our parent company, Assured Computing to cover all your network, workstation, and other on-site needs. Assured Computing and ComputerBase are one and the same for over a decade. We are a locally owned company where you work with the owners!

Our Contact Info:

Phone: 541-349-0404

email: sales@computerbaseusa.com

physical address: 49 Silver Lane, Eugene OR 97404

Store Hours: Monday through Friday 9:30am ’til 5:00pm.